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The 12th Annual OPHS ChalkWalk drawing competition was on March, 10th. 120 students from Carrie Keene’s Art 1, Art 2, and AP Studio Art classes competed to gain a spot on the sidewalk to publicly demonstrate their skills. The 28 chosen students picked an artist to emulate and then created their own artwork based on that influence. Many students are used math skills to do a proportion grid from their original drawing to the very large slab of concrete. Much of the sidewalk chalk was handmade by students to ensure the correct color palette. This year’s judge was Mary Lusk, an OPHS grad and two-time former ChalkWalk participant. Mary is graduating soon from FSU with a double major in Fine Art and Philosophy.

Winners: 1st place: Perla Reyes, 11th grade 2nd place: Gabi Corley, 11th grade 3rd place: Gabbi Gomez, 9th grade Honorable Mention: Kenny Nguyen, 11th grade                                                                         

                                                                                             --Carrie Keen, Art Teacher